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Professor Jay Lee and Colleagues


MAY 15, 2019

Predictronics Co-Founder Professor Jay Lee was recently awarded the 2019 Established Entrepreneurial Achievement Award from the University of Cincinnati.

Of the 6,000 faculty members at the university, Professor Lee was one of 16 honored at the 2019 UC Faculty Awards last month.

The purpose of the Established Entrepreneurial Achievement Award is to celebrate and foster the entrepreneurial spirit of the University of Cincinnati faculty and encourage them to seek opportunities to further the global economy, maximize university intellectual research and potential, and impact the globe through real-world applications.

Specifically, Professor Lee was recognized by the University of Cincinnati for both the successful development and commercialization of the Watchdog Agent® Toolbox, a collection of machine learning and AI software tools for prognostics and health management, as well as the co-founding of local startup, Predictronics Corp.

In 2013, Lee partnered with his IMS colleagues, Dr. Edzel Lapira, Predictronics CEO; Dr. David Siegel, Predictronics CTO; and Patrick Brown, Predictronics CFO, to create Predictronics, a spin-off that harnesses the power of predictive technologies to help businesses make data-driven decisions that prevent unplanned downtime, increase productivity, and ensure product quality, saving them money, time, and resources.

These technologies include PDX, an end-to-end platform created by Predictronics which collects and analyzes data and provides health monitoring and visualization to pinpoint potential failures or product quality issues before they occur.

Professor Lee’s vision for the Watchdog Agent® and the IMS Center inspired Predictronics to develop this platform that addresses the need in industry for the standardized and rapid development and deployment of predictive solutions.

This platform can be quickly configured and customized to monitor critical assets, processes and products in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, energy, transportation, construction, agriculture, medicine, electronics, and robotics.

In addition to being a Predictronics co-founder, Professor Jay Lee has been an Ohio Eminent Scholar, L. W. Scott Alter Chair Professor, and the Director of the NSF Industry University Cooperative Research Center for Intelligent Maintenance Systems (IMS) at the University of Cincinnati since 2005, as well as an appointed member of the Global Future Council for the World Economic Forum since 2018.

In his time at the IMS center, Lee has partnered with over 100 international companies to move the needle of industrial digitization through innovation in predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and smart manufacturing. His influential contributions have also made him the most-cited researcher for three of the world’s top engineering and industry journals.

The Predictronics team is proud to see Professor Lee recognized for his exceptional work.

For the official UC press release and more details about the awards, click here.

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