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MARCH 1, 2018

Predictronics is pleased to announce it has become an Information Services International-Dentsu (ISID) affiliate to further its mission of delivering impactful solutions that reduce downtime and increase productivity.

ISID is an IT solutions company in Japan that provides innovative technologies to manufacturing leaders worldwide. This support from ISID represents not only additional investment, but also a deepening of ISID and Predictronics’ existing partnership.

The new investment will accelerate product development of the PDX platform, Predictronics’ end-to-end industrial predictive analytics solution. It will also fuel the creation of vertical manufacturing applications and provide resources to expand the company’s marketing and sales efforts.

Predictronics first formed a capital and business alliance with ISID in 2013. Since then, the two companies have worked together to bring predictive analytics solutions to multiple Japanese manufacturers in the automotive, heavy industry, construction, agricultural and electrical equipment sectors.

“ISID’s second investment will accelerate our business,” says Predictronics CEO Edzel Lapira. “More importantly, it is a vote of confidence as to our current capabilities, team members and products.”

Improving upon PDX’s existing capabilities will allow Predictronics to pursue a more diverse set of predictive analytics applications. In addition, it will boost company growth and customer reach.

ISID believes demand for failure prediction technologies, aimed at minimizing the downtime of industrial equipment, will grow over the next few years. For that reason, it continues to support the development of predictive analytics applications that reinforce manufacturers’ competitive advantage.

Predictronics is thankful for ISID’s support and commitment to its vision and technologies. The team is excited about the partnership and looks forward to the new opportunities affiliation will bring.

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