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Manufacturing Leadership Award


SEPTEMBER 10, 2019
Edzel Lapira Accepts Award

Predictronics Corporation, a Cincinnati-based software company that offers predictive analytics and Industrial AI solutions for industries looking to improve uptime of critical assets, increase productivity, and lower costs, is proud to announce their configured software solution for Maxion Wheels, the world’s leading wheel manufacturer, was awarded the 2019 Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Award at the Manufacturing Leadership Awards.

ML Award GalaEach year the Manufacturing Leadership Council hosts the Manufacturing Leadership Summit and Awards Gala to connect the brightest minds in manufacturing, provide a meeting place to share challenges and strategies within the industry and honor the latest and greatest in technology and innovation.

Winners of the Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Award have demonstrated innovation by transforming data into actionable insights in order to gain a competitive advantage within industry.

The configuration of Predictronics’ PDX platform utilizes machine learning analytics and AI to develop predictions that help eliminate unexpected machine downtime in the Maxion Wheels facility.

PDX is an end-to-end platform created by Predictronics which collects and analyzes data and provides health monitoring and visualization to pinpoint potential failures or product quality issues before they occur.

Not only was the configured PDX solution for Maxion Wheels awarded, but Predictronics was also honored with the Manufacturing Leadership Partner Award from the Manufacturing Leadership Council for innovative collaboration in manufacturing.

Predictronics TeamThe Manufacturing Leadership Council is a division of the National Association of Manufacturers. Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1895, the National Association of Manufacturers represents and advocates for free enterprise, equal opportunity, competitiveness, and growth within the manufacturing industry. Over 14,000 companies, including 79% of Fortune 100 manufacturers, are members of NAM.

“Predictronics is proud to have been recognized by such a prestigious organization and is excited to expand our successful work with Maxion Wheels to more facilities, as well as continue to create impact with our solutions in industries all over the globe,” said Dr. Edzel Lapira, CEO at Predictronics.

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