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Manufacturing Leadership Summit 2019


JUNE 6, 2019

Predictronics is proud to announce we will be attending the 15th Annual Manufacturing Leadership Summit from June 11th – June 12th in Huntington Beach, California. Our customer, Maxion Wheels, will also receive an award for artificial intelligence and advanced analytics leadership based on their collaboration with Predictronics.

Members of our Predictronics team will exhibit at the summit, showcasing our unique end-to-end predictive analytics and industrial AI solution, PDX, which collects, monitors, and visualizes data from critical assets to pinpoint and predict potential failures and allow for scheduled downtime and maintenance before those failures occur. This results in significant cost savings and improved efficiency for manufacturing and industrial customers.

Also featured will be Factory Sentinel, a complete software solution that specifically predicts and prevents hard failures and monitors the health of industrial robots that perform repetitive functions, ensuring high accuracy and product quality.

At the conclusion of the two-day summit is the Manufacturing Leadership Awards Gala. Representatives from Maxion Wheels, the world’s leading wheel manufacturer, and Predictronics CEO Dr. Edzel Lapira will accept the 2019 Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Award for the deployment of our predictive monitoring software, PDX, at the Maxion Wheels manufacturing facilities.

The award-winning case study showcases the analysis and predictions developed by Predictronics to determine production line challenges and pinpoint the tooling component issues causing unexpected machine downtime.

This project provided the evidence Maxion Wheels executive and stakeholder members needed to take action and make informed decisions for scheduled maintenance days before failure, saving them time, money, and resources. The successful solution, currently deployed at the Maxion Wheels Akron facility, is expected to roll-out to additional machines in Akron, as well as other Maxion manufacturing facilities world-wide.

Other noteworthy industry leaders will speak and exhibit at the summit, including representatives from Dow Chemical Company, Stanley Black and Decker, Hitachi, 3M, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and IBM.

The Manufacturing Leadership Council, a division of the National Association of Manufacturers, hosts the Manufacturing Leadership Summit and Awards to connect the brightest minds in manufacturing, provide a meeting place to share challenges and strategies within the industry and honor the latest and greatest in technology and innovation. Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1895, the National Association of Manufacturers represents and advocates for free enterprise, equal opportunity, competitiveness, and growth within the manufacturing industry. Over 14,000 companies, including 79% of Fortune 100 manufacturers, are members of NAM.

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