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Trade and Transport Event


MAY 24, 2019

Predictronics Corp., a Cincinnati-based startup that offers predictive analytics and industrial AI solutions for industries looking to improve uptime of critical assets, increase productivity, and lower costs, was selected from over 650 technology providers worldwide as 1 of the 14 finalists to convene in Hamburg, Germany for the Trade & Transport Impact Program hosted by Rainmaking.

Rainmaking, a global innovation and venture development firm, created this program to address the challenges faced by the shipping and cargo industry. Their goal is to help industry leaders like Cargotec, Inmarsat and Wärtsilä find and engage impactful, disruptive startups and explore ways to improve efficiency, sustainability and safety within the field.

“Predictronics’ experience in the maritime and transportation logistics industries makes us uniquely qualified for this program. We have a proven track record of creating impact through predicting system performance problems, avoiding fuel waste and preventing critical failures that could disrupt cargo handling and cargo delivery operations,” said Dr. Edzel Lapira, CEO at Predictronics.

Collaborative efforts kicked off in March with finalists pitching to the Rainmaking corporate partners in attendance at Selection Days. Solutions providers showcased their capabilities, as well as relevant case studies. Phase I of the Trade and Transport Impact program finished with participating partners from the maritime industry pairing off with the startups of their choice to create solutions that deliver true impact for their businesses and drive innovation within the industry.

Through this program, Predictronics was awarded the opportunity to work with Kalmar, a division of Cargotec that provides not only equipment, but also solutions and services for ports, terminals, distribution centers and heavy industry.

Predictronics and Kalmar – Cargotec spent the month of April co-developing a proof of concept plan that will ensure reliability and uptime of terminal tractors, the critical assets for cargo handling in shipping ports, by utilizing Predictronics’ predictive analytics software platform, PDX.

PDX is an end-to-end platform created by Predictronics which collects and analyzes data and provides health monitoring and visualization to pinpoint potential failures or product quality issues before they occur.

David SeigelPhase II of the Trade and Transport Impact program took place in May. During this time, the final project proposal developed by Predictronics was presented to Kalmar and accepted on Launch Day. Moving forward, Predictronics’ partnership with Kalmar will continue over the next few months as data visualization models are created and deployed to monitor and predict tractor health. The PDX software will alert Kalmar’s customers to early warning signs of engine and transmission failure, allowing them to take action and schedule maintenance in advance, reducing unplanned downtime and saving time, expense, and resources.

“A lot of work has been done to get to this point and what we have found is exactly what we aimed for - several great opportunities to impact international cargo,” said Tero Hottinen, Director of Emerging Digital Business at Cargotec.

Predictronics is excited to address challenges in the maritime industry with Kalmar – Cargotec and make a positive global impact.

Read more about Cargotec’s experience at the Trade and Transport Impact program in their press release, here.

About Kalmar – Cargotec

Kalmar offers the widest range of cargo handling solutions and services to ports, terminals, distribution centers and to heavy industry. Kalmar is the industry forerunner in terminal automation and in energy efficient container handling, with one in four container movements around the globe being handled by a Kalmar solution. Through its extensive product portfolio, global service network and ability to enable a seamless integration of different terminal processes, Kalmar improves the efficiency of every move.

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Kalmar is part of Cargotec. Cargotec enables smarter cargo flow for a better everyday with its leading cargo handling solutions and services. Cargotec's business areas Kalmar, Hiab and MacGregor are pioneers in their fields. Through their unique position in ports, at sea and on roads, they optimize global cargo flows and create sustainable customer value. Cargotec's sales in 2018 totaled approximately EUR 3.3 billion and the company employs around 12,000 people.

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About Rainmaking

Rainmaking is a corporate innovation and venture development firm which works with businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes, from early-stage start-ups to Fortune 500 corporate businesses, in order to solve challenges across the ever-changing landscape of innovation. The multidisciplinary team consists of some of the world’s most experienced venture builders, strategists, engineers, designers, data scientists and growth experts. The Trade & Transport Impact program is designed to address real challenges within the maritime, transportation, logistics and supply chain industries by helping the best start-ups & scale-ups to connect and collaborate with global corporate leaders and bring real impact to the industry.

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For more information on the Trade and Transport Impact program:

About Predictronics

Predictronics delivers predictive analytics software and industrial AI solutions that improve business productivity and minimize unplanned downtime by detecting, predicting, and preventing asset failures. Our vision is to provide our clients with worry-free uptime, ensure positive growth in quality and performance, and reduce wasted time, money, and resources.

Predictronics was founded as a startup in 2013 by senior researchers and developers from the National Science Foundation Industry / University Cooperative Research Center for Intelligent Maintenance Systems (IMS) at the University of Cincinnati, which has been a leader in predictive maintenance technologies since 2001.

Since 2013, Predictronics has grown to provide our technologies and engineering consultation services to more than 50 major businesses worldwide in industrial applications, such as manufacturing, energy, transportation, construction, agriculture, medicine, electronics, and robotics.

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