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Reliability Conference 2019


MAY 6, 2019

Predictronics is pleased to announce our attendance at The Reliability Conference 2019 from May 6th – May 10th in Seattle, Washington.

Senior Data Scientist Aaron Shelly will host a talk, A Combined Analytics and Domain Knowledge Approach for Predictive Monitoring of Control Valves, on May 7th at 2pm.

Mr. Shelly will discuss the key steps and necessary expertise needed for the successful implementation of predictive monitoring technologies.

His workshop will also feature our unique end-to-end predictive analytics and industrial AI solution, PDX, which collects, analyzes, monitors, and visualizes data to pinpoint potential failures and allow for planned downtime and maintenance. Mr. Shelly will present one of our PDX case studies which demonstrates the real-world application of predictive monitoring algorithms to detect early faults in control valves.

Control valves are prevalent in the process industry; therefore, reducing unplanned failures and downtime through predictive maintenance allows plants to optimize operations and achieve significant cost savings.

Our machine learning and predictive monitoring approach, combined with expert domain knowledge, creates a solution that allows technicians to accurately assess valve health condition and take action before issues occur.

The Reliability Conference is an annual event that brings together reliability specialists and asset management professionals to host presentations, short courses, and workshops and share their expertise within the field, helping those in industry stay innovative and competitive.

Other noteworthy speakers include representatives from Tesla, Intel, National Instruments, Saudi Aramco, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Tacoma Power and more.

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