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JANUARY 9, 2019

It has been a successful year for Predictronics.

At the beginning of 2018, Predictronics officially launched PDX, our unique end-to-end predictive analytics and industrial AI software solution, which collects, analyzes, monitors, and visualizes data to pinpoint potential failures and allow for planned downtime and maintenance. This results in significant cost savings and improved efficiency for manufacturing and industrial customers.

Predictronics has since launched Factory Sentinel, which is a complete software solution that specifically targets the monitoring of industrial robots that perform repetitive functions, ensuring high accuracy and product quality and predicting and preventing hard failures.

2018 was filled with many fruitful events, speaking engagements, and exhibiting opportunities, including The Reliability Conference, PHM, IMTS, DMC, the DMDII Future Factory Showcase, and the Advantech IoT Co-Creation Summit.

We also recently celebrated the release of the newest updated version of our DAQ software, a data acquisition application that allows users to synchronize data collection from multiple sources for any given period of time. Not only this, but we announced our exciting partnership with IoTco, a global leader in IIoT technologies.

Want to see more of what we were up to? You can view our past webinars here and delve into the blog section on our website, which recently featured a thought-provoking blog series about beginning the data acquisition process, entitled ‘Successful Data Acquisition: A Key Enabler for Realizing Predictive Analytics.’

If you believe our offerings could enhance your operations, please visit our website to learn more and email us at if you would like to receive additional information, want to request a demo, or have a particular project in mind for our software and services.

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