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Predictive Maintenance for Diesel Engines

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Diesel engines

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Develop a predictive maintenance solution for early detection and diagnosis of diesel engine failures

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Predictronics’ solution prevented diesel engine failure by predicting seawater pump, exhaust sensor and piston valve issues days in advance. This helped engine customers increase overall reliability and improve maintenance planning, saving time, money and resources


A global engine manufacturer was looking to enhance customer satisfaction by reducing unexpected marine diesel engine failures. If engine health issues are not addressed ahead of time, they can cause many challenges for engine owners and operators, including unplanned downtime, inefficient maintenance schedules, lost profits and wasted resources.

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The manufacturer provided Predictronics team members with a large set of marine vessel fleet data. Using their extensive experience in health monitoring for industrial applications, the team was able to detect early symptoms of diesel engine failure through a time-series anomaly detection approach. Key indicators of diesel engine failure emerged from the analysis results, pinpointing specific components in need of repair.


Predictronics’ data-driven solution predicted seawater pump, exhaust sensor and piston valve issues days in advance, enabling this manufacturer to prevent unplanned failures in marine diesel engines for their customers. In addition, this analysis improved maintenance scheduling for the turbocharger, another element within the engine causing an overall decline in performance. The health assessment models developed by Predictronics not only predicted failure, but they also reduced the need for a manual review of the data and provided better insights to craft a more optimized maintenance schedule, saving engine customers time, money and resources. This manufacturer could potentially expand and scale this solution in the future to provide remote health monitoring services for their engine customers.