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Successful Deployments Of Predictive Solutions in the Cargo and Freight Industry

Part II: Sea

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Port terminal tractors and shipping vessels

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Deploy predictive solutions for early detection and diagnosis of component failure in port cargo handling vehicles and marine vessels

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Predicting and preventing component failures is the key to ensuring reliability and availability of vehicles and vessels that are critical to the on-time delivery of goods, resulting in reduced costs associated with unnecessary repairs, unplanned downtime, and delayed shipment schedules


Common problems within the maritime industry include ship system management, maintenance, cargo liability, and wasted resources. Marine vessels typically face issues with diesel engines and seawater pumps, as well as sensors and valves, leading to cargo delays, increased dry-docking expenses, and reductions in overall shipping productivity and efficiency.

Component degradation and failures in port terminal tractors, responsible for loading cargo, can also lead to costly repairs and downtime for those in the maritime industry.


Within maritime cargo transportation, there are numerous assets that can experience failure, such as shipping vessels and port terminal tractors. These modes of transport share many common components, from diesel engines and transmissions to pumps and valves. By utilizing historical records, such as on-board vehicle sensors and maintenance logs. Predictronics’ industry-experienced data scientists have created many custom predictive maintenance solutions for these mechanical systems and components, improving diagnosis accuracy and mean time to repair.

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Predictronics developed a predictive maintenance solution, powered by our PDX software, for a manufacturer of marine diesel engines. This solution provides accurate detection of component failure – weeks in advance for seawater pumps and months in advance for exhaust sensors. The solution is also able to identify piston failures and extend turbocharger maintenance windows.

When deployed, this solution can deliver early warning of impending issues and deliver the information needed for personnel to take action in order to prevent failures and schedule maintenance actions, reducing downtime and ensuring shipping deadlines are met.


Through predictive solutions, Predictronics can help shipping companies draw actionable insights from their data to craft a more productive maintenance schedule, reducing unexpected downtime and component failures and giving businesses the information needed to efficiently order parts ahead of time. Data-driven intelligence enhances shipping productivity, extends the lifespan of the vehicles and vessels, reduces overhead costs, and increases safety and energy savings. View Part III of our Cargo and Freight Industry Series: Air.