Maxion Predictronics


Manufacturing Leadership Award Winner
for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics


The deployment of Predictronics’ PDX platform for MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions won the 2021 Manufacturing Leadership Award for Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Leadership. Winners of the Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Award have demonstrated the innovative utilization of AI and machine learning to achieve greater performance and productivity through data insights, such as process improvements, greater operation efficiency, better maintenance planning, and improved quality.


This award-winning case study on hot forming machines is based on the predictive maintenance solution Predictronics developed for Metform, the hot forging and machining division of automotive supply manufacturer MacLean-Fogg. The goal of this project was to monitor the health of a hot forming machine at their facility, with a particular focus on drive train health, in order to detect failures before they occur. The drive train is an ideal subsystem to target as its failure can cause extended downtime that affects productivity.


MacLean-Fogg provided Predictronics with data from two primary sources: low-frequency controller data and high-frequency vibration data from four tri-axis accelerometers. Our team developed a two-prong approach to model configuration for this solution. The first model captured failures of a more sudden nature through frequent data collection during the production of automotive parts, whereas the second model relied on less frequent and more uniform data. The combination of these models allowed for a more consistent comparison of data over time and improved the solution’s ability to catch failure trends.


The deployment of our PDX software for predictive maintenance reduced the mean time between failures (MTBF) for the hot forming machine and decreased the duration of downtime for unplanned maintenance events. Our solution increased overall productivity, improved maintenance planning, diminished costs related to unnecessary repairs, and prevented lost business. “With Predictronics, we’re able to monitor the machine health, see in real-time how the machine is doing, and start to see a signal of a problem before it becomes a major problem. At this point, I’m really pleased with the progress we’ve made and I’m anxious to expand this solution to our other nine hot forming machines,” said Steve Wright, General Manager of Metform.