Maxion Predictronics


Manufacturing Leadership Award Winner
for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics


The configuration of the Predictronics PDX platform for Maxion won the 2019 Manufacturing Leadership Award for Artificial Intelligence and Analytics. Winners of the Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Award have demonstrated innovation by transforming data into actionable insights in order to gain a competitive advantage within industry. Predictronics’ solution uses machine learning and AI to predict failure before it occurs and gives Maxion executives and share holders the information they need to make timely decisions and improve the efficiency of their business, keeping automotive clients happy and enhancing overall productivity.


Maxion Wheels, the world’s leading wheel manufacturer, decided to leverage the advantage of IoT and analytics in its steel manufacturing plant in Akron, OH. To achieve unparalleled wheel quality and uninterrupted production, Maxion Wheels partnered with Predictronics to equip their Akron facility with a predictive monitoring system and determine the origin of machine failure.


Maxion identified issues with the roll forming machines and flow forming machines in their production line. Through consulting work with Maxion, Predictronics was able to help install a data collection system, acquire appropriate sensor measurements, and plug this sensor data into machine learning algorithms. These algorithms, along with Predictronics’ PDX software, were utilized to detect proof of component degradation and predict early warning signs of potential issues and failures.


The analysis and predictions developed by Predictronics helped to determine the exact tooling component causing unexpected machine downtime and provided the evidence Maxion needed to create a preventative maintenance schedule, saving them time, money and resources. This successful solution, currently deployed at the Maxion Wheels Akron facility, is expected to roll out to additional machines in Akron, as well as other Maxion manufacturing facilities worldwide.