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Deployable Solutions for Process Optimization and Improved Product Quality

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Discrete Manufacturing – Automotive, Electronics, Aerospace

Process Manufacturing – Semiconductor, Oil & Gas, Raw Materials, Consumer Packaged Goods, Food and Beverage

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Detect, diagnose, and/or predict potential deviations in critical process parameters which impact product quality

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Predictronics has developed predictive quality solutions for numerous industrial applications. These solutions pinpoint issues before they affect the quality of the product or reduce overall process efficiency, resulting in increased production, reduced scrap and rework, and minimized warranty claims and recalls


From automotive and consumer goods manufacturing to semiconductor fabrication and medical device production, many industries experience product quality issues. There are numerous variables which have a direct impact on product quality, such as changes in process parameters, poor environmental conditions, incorrect machine configuration, equipment degradation and/or failure, inconsistencies in raw materials, and process or product design flaws. Determining the source of product quality issues, what variables are contributing to those issues, what proactive actions to take, and when to take those actions are all key to improving product quality.


Predictronics’ predictive quality solutions identify, predict, and prevent product quality issues before they occur by utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically analyze process data to monitor quality. Process parameters, material properties, product specifications, inspection information, and expert domain knowledge are all leveraged in these solutions to inform decision-making and to ensure products are of the highest quality. Our data-driven intelligence provides insight to businesses, optimizing the production process, improving product quality, reducing rework and scrap, and preventing warranty claims and recalls.


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Predictronics developed a predictive quality solution for a multinational home appliance manufacturer. The goal for our solution was to determine parameters for quality standards, reduce scrap and rework, and prevent faulty products from reaching the customer. In one deployment of this solution, we were able to detect issues with 88% precision and 66% recall.

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Predictronics developed a predictive quality solution for an international automotive OEM supplier. The goal for our solution was to pinpoint in near real-time the root cause of process anomalies that resulted in a reduction in production line output and an increase in material waste, improving the quality control and inspection process, decreasing scrap and costly defective parts, and increasing production yield. In one deployment of this solution, the system identified 96% of the defective parts. Predictronics was recognized for this successful solution by the National Association of Manufacturers, receiving the 2019 Manufacturing Leadership Partner Award.

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Predictronics developed a predictive quality solution for a leading semiconductor equipment manufacturer (OEM). The goal of this project was to evaluate and relate input settings to the sensor measurements and metrology variables to estimate the necessary offset to achieve chamber matching. By aligning all chambers to the reference or “golden” chamber, this solution reduces the variations in operating behavior, improving the product quality and yield.

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Predictronics developed a predictive quality solution for one of the largest glass manufacturers in the world. The goal of this solution was to determine the root causes and process anomalies which lead to scratches in their glass products. Our solution utilized high-frequency vibration data to, at an early stage, identify the subsystem and detect the key parameters that produced the product defects.