Successful Deployments of Predictive Maintenance Solutions in Automotive Manufacturing

In automotive manufacturing, just one minute of production downtime can cost a company approximately $10,000. Industrial robot failures alone can potentially cost companies $300,000 per robot, based on an average downtime of 30 minutes per failure.

With predictive solutions, automotive suppliers and manufacturers can forecast the degradation of critical assets, such as industrial robots and press machines, to prevent unforeseen downtime, extend and optimize maintenance windows, eliminate production bottlenecks, and reduce product quality issues. These solutions optimize productivity, prevent wasted resources, reduce warranty claims and recalls, and increase profit margins.

Our 30-minute webinar will showcase how predictive solutions are configured and deployed, as well as how these solutions create real-world impact within the automotive manufacturing industry. The webinar will highlight three of Predictronics’ successful predictive maintenance solutions for industrial robots, stamping presses, and roll forming machines. A demonstration of one of these solutions will also be presented. This webinar is perfect for busy professionals within the industry who want to learn how predictive analytics and Industrial AI can add value to their company.

David Siegel

David Siegel, PhD


Matthew Buzza

Live Demo:

Matt Buzza

What you will learn:

Industry Icon

Industry Challenges

Learn about the common issues facing the automotive manufacturing industry and how they can be addressed through predictive solutions.

Value Icon

Value and Benefits

Understand the impact of predictive solutions within the automotive manufacturing industry.

Configuration Icon

Configuration and Deployment

See how predictive solutions in automotive manufacturing are configured and deployed through three Predictronics case studies.

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Live Demonstration

Watch a live demonstration of a successful predictive maintenance solution in automotive manufacturing.

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