How to Eliminate Robot Failures with Predictive Analytics

Robots are one of the most common and critical assets in the manufacturing industry. Industrial robot failures that halt production lines and result in unplanned downtime can lead to extensive losses in productivity and profitability. In Predictronics’ upcoming webinar, attendees will learn more about the multiple types of industrial robots, the potential failure modes that impact them and how predictive analytics technologies can be used to avoid those faults altogether.

In this webinar, a live demonstration of Factory Sentinel for Industrial Robots, Predictronics’ off-the-shelf solution to analyze, monitor and visualize the health of industrial robots, will also be presented.

Matthew Buzza

Matt Buzza

Data Scientist

What you will learn:

Types of Robots

Types of Robots

Discover the different types of industrial robots, including those that perform welding, painting, inspection, fabrication and material handling functions.

Robot Failure

Robot Failures

Understand what causes different failures that negatively impact robots and lead to unexpected downtime.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Learn which types of failures can be prevented using predictive analytics and which ones are best addressed by other maintenance strategies.

Live Demo

Live Demonstration

Experience how a predictive analytics solution designed specifically for industrial robots can help companies drastically reduce costly failures by analyzing, monitoring and visualizing the health of their robots.

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