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MAY 28, 2020

Predictronics was excited to participate in the Smart Manufacturing webinar hosted by JETRO, the Japan External Trade Organization. This webinar was part of the organization’s Jconnect webinar series created to introduce American startups and Japanese manufacturers with facilities in the US. JETRO hopes the series will inspire innovation in Japanese production and operations.

As a featured speaker, Predictronics CTO Dr. David Siegel showcased how predictive solutions for manufacturing solve industry pain points and create real-world impact for businesses.

Dr. Siegel also demonstrated how these solutions are configured and deployed by presenting three successful Predictronics projects in automotive manufacturing. These case studies in predictive maintenance highlighted three key assets:

Spinner Equipment

Our spinner equipment solution, implemented using our end-to-end predictive platform PDX and developed for global wheel manufacturer Maxion Wheels, received the 2019 Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Award from the National Association of Manufacturers.

Industrial Robots

Predictronics’ industrial robot solution for a Tier 1 automotive supplier predicted motor brake issues that would have led to a welding robot failure, costing the company a potential $400,000. This project spurred the development and creation of our Factory Sentinel vertical application enabled by our PDX platform.

Stamping Presses

This press machine solution for a Japanese automotive manufacturer reduced scheduled maintenance by 94% and predicted abnormal locking events a month in advance.

With predictive solutions, manufacturers and suppliers can forecast the degradation of critical assets to prevent unforeseen downtime, extend and optimize maintenance windows, eliminate production bottlenecks, and reduce product quality issues. These solutions optimize productivity, prevent wasted resources, reduce warranty claims and recalls, and increase profit margins.

To view this webinar and learn more about our predictive solutions, register at the following link and watch free of charge: Watch Here

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