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OCTOBER 8, 2019

Semiconductors are key enabling components found in all modern electronic devices. These devices are employed in a wide range of industries - both consumer and industrial - including electronics, transportation, telecommunications, aerospace, and more.

With predictive solutions, semiconductor manufacturers can monitor and predict equipment failure, improve maintenance scheduling, increase throughput, and optimize processes. These solutions prevent unnecessary downtime, save time and effort on testing, minimize quality issues, and reduce excess costs due to labor and wasted resources.

On October 29th at 2 p.m. EST, Predictronics CEO Dr. Edzel Lapira and Senior Data Scientist Aaron Shelly will host a webinar, entitled ā€™Deployable Solutions for Downtime Reduction, Quality Improvement, and Process Optimization in Semiconductor Manufacturing.ā€™

In this webinar, Dr. Lapira and Mr. Shelly will showcase how predictive solutions for semiconductor manufacturing are configured and deployed, as well as how these solutions create real-world impact within the industry.

Our webinar will feature three successful Predictronics deployments in semiconductor manufacturing, highlighting three different predictive solutions for predictive and preventative maintenance (PPM), virtual metrology, and chamber matching. A demonstration of one of these solutions will also be presented.

Join us to learn how you can utilize predictive solutions to improve your semiconductor manufacturing process.

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