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Data Challenge



Predictronics is proud to announce our company has won the AI Data Challenge for Intralogistics Centers organized by Siemens Digital Industries Customer Services (DI CS).

The goal of the data challenge was to propose and validate a predictive maintenance approach that would detect and prevent the failure of Automatic Storage and Retrieval Machines (ASRM).

An ASRM, also known as a stacker crane or rack feeder, is a rail-guided, single track vehicle used to store goods in a high-bay warehouse. These machines are critical assets in the warehousing and fulfillment industry, as well as shipping and distribution.

To develop and validate machine learning models for this application, Siemens provided Predictronics and our five competitors with historical data and sensor data from the ASRM.

Our team leveraged our prior expertise in deploying solutions for numerous industrial applications and was able to develop a customized solution for Siemens’ ASRM assets. Enabled by our PDX platform, Predictronics systematically organized and processed the provided data, extracted features, and developed a health index. Our final solution was able to predict ASRM failure 11 days before it occurred.

The accuracy of our approach, as well as the early time frame of failure detection, set our solution apart from our competitors in the data challenge.

As a result of winning this data challenge, Predictronics was granted the opportunity to work with Siemens through a paid contract. The goal of this project is to refine and further validate our winning solution through a pilot deployment at a Siemens facility. Predictronics is excited to continue our work with Siemens, expanding our solutions’ capabilities and creating real-world impact in the intralogistics sector.

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