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MARCH 5, 2020

ISID has been working with Predictronics since 2013. For the last seven years we have collaborated on several projects for global Japanese clients, such as Komatsu, New Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal, Daikin and many others.

Coming from the Center for Intelligent Maintenance Systems (IMS Center) at the University of Cincinnati, led by the prominent Professor Dr. Jay Lee, who was also one of the founders of Predictronics, some of the members of the company had already conducted a wide variety of projects for many types of production facilities and OEM products at that time. Using their rich experiences, knowledge and strong research capabilities in the predictive maintenance field, Predictronics has provided professional consulting services to our customers and brought high value and customer satisfaction. Their approaches and techniques encompass traditional statistical analysis, the latest in sophisticated machine learning and AI, and even methods related to reliability. Not only are our customers happy, but those of us at ISID are impressed with their wide skills and know-how, and their speed in delivering value.

A few years ago, Predictronics developed and released PDX, which is a unique IoT platform dedicated to predictive maintenance. PDX includes data acquisition (DAQ), a non-programming predictive model development environment (Sandbox), and a web-based system to share analysis results among those involved in maintenance and field services (Deploy).

This platform [PDX] helps our customers solve issues that can occur when implementing predictive maintenance solutions, such as the shortage of experienced data analysts and the large financial investment needed to develop a deployment system.

In addition to Predictonics’ data analysis consulting services, ISID began sales of the PDX software to Japanese customers starting with Sandbox. Currently, there are already several customers using PDX. We believe PDX will facilitate the implementation of predictive maintenance and help it prevail in the Japanese manufacturing industry. We are looking forward to making this happen alongside Predictronics.


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ISID is one of the leading system integrators and value-added resellers in Japan. ISID was founded in 1975, as the joint venture of GE and Dentsu, the largest advertising company in the world. Having more than one thousand customers covering most Japanese industries from manufacturing and financial institutions, ISID provides system development services and deals with global products, such as Siemens CAx/PLM, and SAP, as well as proprietary software associated with HCM, finance and banking.

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