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Predictive Maintenance for Automotive Fleet Management

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Agriculture, mining, construction and cargo

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Engines and transmissions

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Develop a predictive solution for early detection and diagnosis of engine and transmission failure in fleet vehicles

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Predicted component degradation and prevented engine and transmission failure in fleet vehicles, reducing unplanned downtime, prioritizing maintenance scheduling, increasing profit margins, and preventing wasted resources and manpower


Predictronics has developed many predictive solutions for fleet vehicle management in heavy industrial applications such as mining, agriculture, construction and cargo. In fleet vehicles, engine and transmission failures are the most significant, as both are integral system components and both cost companies a great deal of expense to replace and repair. Predictronics solutions offer accurate and actionable insights to help customers avoid unexpected failures, improve maintenance planning, and prevent wasted resources and profits.


Predictronics team members have experience creating data-driven solutions from vehicle CAN bus data provided by our clients in fleet management. The large volume of data from on-vehicle sensors provides Predictronics with the information needed to create baseline health index models with which to compare current sensor patterns. Through robust analysis methods and approaches, Predictronics monitors the health of each distinct vehicle type and subsystem and generates prediction models that detect early warning signals of component degradation in engines and transmissions.


The customizable and versatile solutions created by Predictronics provide numerous benefits to customers in fleet vehicle management. Through vehicle health monitoring, Predictronics can help clients reduce unplanned downtime and prioritize maintenance scheduling. By performing predictive maintenance, companies can more easily reach productivity goals, enhance fuel economy, avoid wasted resources and manpower, and prevent lost profits margins. Data-driven solutions also improve the first-time fix rate, allowing businesses to discover the root of the problem in a timely and more efficient manner.

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With a Predictronics solution to prevent engine and transmission failure, mining customers can employ preventative maintenance to enhance fuel economy and potentially save more in lost profits due to fleet vehicle downtime than their earnings from a single mining construction site, with typical costs averaging at about $180,000 per incident.

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By predicting engine and transmission failure, Predictronics can ensure fleet vehicle uptime and efficiency for agricultural customers through preventative maintenance, as well as potentially save customers anywhere from $8 - $156 an hour per vehicle in fuel, repair, and general costs.