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Year in Review 2019


JANUARY 9, 2020

This past year has been an exciting and successful one for Predictronics.

At the beginning of 2019, Predictronics had the privilege of being selected from over 650 technology providers and startups worldwide as 1 of the 14 finalists to convene in Hamburg, Germany for the Trade & Transport Impact Program hosted by Rainmaking. Through this program, we were awarded the opportunity to work with Kalmar, a division of Cargotec, utilizing our predictive analytics software platform, PDX, to ensure reliability and uptime of terminal tractors, the critical assets for cargo handling in shipping ports.

In June, our customer, Maxion Wheels, received the 2019 Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Award from the National Association of Manufacturers at the Manufacturing Leadership Summit and Awards based on their engagement with Predictronics and adoption of our PDX predictive monitoring platform. Our company was also individually honored by the National Association of Manufacturers, who presented Predictronics with the Manufacturing Leadership Partner Award.

Our most noteworthy development of the year came in August when TVS Motor Singapore decided to invest $3.2 million in Predictronics. Our team is excited to continue to explore this relationship further in the coming year, developing new mutually beneficial opportunities, growing our business by enhancing our go-to market, and expanding to new industries and geographies.

Most recently, Predictronics launched our Factory Sentinel for Industrial Robots application, a data visualization and analysis application that monitors and manages the condition of industrial robots, for MindSphere by Siemens. Hosting our application on the MindSphere platform enables Predictronics to offer this solution to a wider market of current and future MindSphere customers and allows end users to rapidly deploy this solution alongside other applications within one operating system. As a Gold Partner in the MindSphere Partner Program, we look forward to continuing our collaboration with Siemens and potentially developing additional applications for this platform in the future.

Predictronics was also featured in an article by the Cincinnati Business Courier and named one of the '2020 Best Tech Startups in Cincinnati’ by The Tech Tribune.

Predictronics has proven our industry impact through numerous projects over the years. This past year saw the release of seven new case studies ranging from predictive maintenance of commercial aircraft to predictive health monitoring of press machines. To view our case studies and learn more, click here.

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