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Year in Review 2023


FEBRUARY 13, 2024

This past year has been full of new challenges and opportunities for Predictronics. Not only have we received recognition for our AI-driven predictive solutions for industrial applications, but we have also joined new partnerships, initiatives, and engagements that will enhance our capabilities to drive impact and increase ROI for our clients in numerous industries.

Through funding from NIST, we have been hard at work developing a technology roadmap to advance innovation in semiconductor manufacturing. Our team is eager for this resource to be published and we look forward to sharing it with our clients and our network. We are also nearing the completion of our playbook funded by MxD, which details the steps and best practices for the successful implementation of predictive maintenance solutions in manufacturing.

In June, the National Association of Manufacturers awarded Predictronics a Manufacturing Leadership Partner in Collaborative Innovation Award and our predictive quality solution for textile manufacturing with Voith received the 2023 ML Award for AI and Machine Learning. This marks the sixth award our solutions have received for impacting industry and providing value for our customers.

In December, Predictronics received a SBIR grant from AFWERX in the focus area of aircraft health monitoring.

At the end of 2023, Predictronics joined Cintrifuse. We are thankful for the ecosystem support and eager to leverage this partnership to secure new opportunities and continue the growth of our company.

Predictronics was also fortunate this past year to have many opportunities to share our insights and expertise with both the technology and business communities. Our goal is to educate others on the impact of predictive AI solutions to increase overall adoption in industry and nurture understanding within the culture of organizations to improve the productivity and efficiency of implementation.

In January, Predictronics co-hosted a webinar for Mobius Connect, examining the pros and cons of human and AI approaches in vibration analysis and the importance of leveraging both to best address industry challenges.

In July, Predictronics hosted a Mobius Connect webinar, highlighting the implementation, adoption, and impact of machine learning predictive maintenance solutions.

In August, Predictronics wrote a piece for Pumps and Systems Magazine where we discuss the critical and ancillary roles of pump equipment in semiconductor manufacturing, as well as the integration of predictive solutions for pump applications in this industry.

In September, Predictronics authored an article for IronPros where we discuss the critical role of pump equipment in the construction industry and highlight the impact of predictive maintenance for industrial pumps through a real-world case study.

In November, Predictronics was interviewed for a Vibration Institute webinar, emphasizing the value of predictive analytics in asset health monitoring and discussing the importance of leveraging domain expertise from vibration analysts.

That same month we also wrote a piece for Vibrations Magazine where we dive into the essential role of vibration analysts in the development, implementation, and maintenance of predictive solutions.

In 2023, we also published the first installments of our Customer Success Blog Series, addressing customer quandaries, showcasing our approach and team, and sharing best practices. Check out Part I, where we focus on the most popular pre-engagement questions asked by customers and our responses, and Part II, where we explore the most popular pre-deployment questions asked by customers and our responses.

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