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Year In Review 2023


JANUARY 5, 2023

This has been an exciting year for Predictronics. Not only have we received recognition for our AI-driven predictive solutions for industrial applications, but we have also joined new partnerships, initiatives, and engagements that will enhance our capabilities to drive impact and increase ROI for our clients in numerous industries.

In January, we were accepted into the Xylem Innovation Labs Accelerator Program, working to develop solutions for the water market and combat common industry challenges through tech innovation.

In June, the National Association of Manufacturers awarded Predictronics two Manufacturing Leadership Partner Awards and our solutions with Hino Motors and A.O. Smith received 2022 ML Awards for AI & Machine Learning.

Our predictive maintenance solution for Hino Motors predicted a CNC machine failure before it occurred and led to an impactful reduction in unplanned downtime.

Our predictive quality solution for A.O. Smith detected and diagnosed defects accurately, delivering valuable and actionable information to improve company production.

In July, we renewed our partnership with MxD, a research institute and innovation hub at the forefront of advanced digital technologies in manufacturing.

In August, the University of Cincinnati and its partners, including Predictronics, were awarded by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and chosen to be part of the NIST Advanced Manufacturing Technology Roadmap Program.

With this funding, the University of Cincinnati, Predictronics, the University of Michigan, and the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, will develop a roadmap to advance the future of intelligent semiconductor manufacturing in the U.S. by defining the needs, barriers, applications, and priority research areas within the industry.

The roadmap will not only help improve the competitiveness of the U.S. semiconductor industry within the overall global market, but it will also be beneficial to other high-mix sectors, such as medical products, pharmaceuticals, and energy storage. We will also leverage this roadmap to establish a U.S.-based AI consortium to address technical challenges faced in high-mix production.

Learn more about our opportunity with NIST here and see the announcement from The Office of U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown here.

In September, CTO Dr. David Siegel was named one of Control Engineering Magazine's 2022 Engineering Leaders Under 40.

This year, Predictronics was fortunate to have many opportunities to share our insights and expertise with both the technology and business communities. Our goal is to educate others on the impact of predictive AI solutions to increase overall adoption in industry and nurture understanding within the culture of organizations to improve the productivity and efficiency of implementation.

One of our case studies was featured in the 2022 World Economic Forum report on AI in Manufacturing. Read the report here to learn more about this new era of industry and check out our application of predictive maintenance for industrial robots on page 15.

Our article for Pumps and Systems Magazine, co-authored with our colleague from The Machine Instrumentation Group, focuses on the key role of pumps in CNC machining, discusses sensor data and key signals, explores the value of predictive monitoring solutions for industrial pumps, and shares our real-world case study.

For Plant Engineering Magazine, we wrote a piece highlighting our tips for developing and deploying successful predictive solutions.

Finally, we released a blog showcasing the factors to consider when determining the best strategy for implementing predictive solutions and the many clear benefits to adopting external solutions vs. developing in-house.

In 2022, Predictronics was also interviewed by SME, a non-profit student and professional association for educating and advancing the manufacturing industry in North America. In the interview, we delve into predictive quality, share one of our past case studies, and discuss the importance of criticality analysis to create the most impact for your process and production.

Predictronics has proven our industry impact through countless projects over the years, giving us the opportunity to showcase our work in many real-world case studies.

This year, we not only released our two National Association of Manufacturers award-winning case studies MacLean-Fogg: Predictive Maintenance for Hot Forming Machines in Automotive Manufacturing and Hino Motors: Predictive Maintenance for CNC Machines in Automotive Manufacturing, but we also published three other case studies, Predictive Monitoring of Welding Robots, Predictive Maintenance for Tractor Health Monitoring, and Reliability and Early Fault Detection for Control Valves.

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